MAP's founding​​ vision is to create applicable knowledge by providing participatory, people-oriented consultancy services in the processes of further democratization, enhancing the quality of governance and improving people's lives. 

MAP frequently operates in teams, utilizing its network across sectors to ensure complementary expertise and a high level quality of services provided.

MAP has shown high professionalism, full understanding and practice of evaluation methodology and good communication qualities. We will surely contact them in the future to support our evaluation work.

Synergies Coopération

Carole Berrih

MAP demonstrated strong commitment, knowledge of context, command of evaluation priorities and objectives, outstanding relational skills, as well as creativity and perseverance in responding to the challenges encountered.

Evaluation Department (EVD) of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)

Luigi Cuna

MAP was an indispensable research partner. I would recommend Maja and her team at MAP to any person or institution looking for a team dedicated to producing new knowledge, shaping policy, and improving lives.

Institute for International Urban Development (I2UD)

Maren Larsen

Maja and MAP take on their responsibilities seriously, conscientiously and skilfully, applying the highest quality standards. Working with Maja and MAP was a stimulating experience which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb University

Prof. dr. sc. Gordana Keresteš

MAP is a network. Thus, we value and are interested in widening the circle of partners and working with motivated and skillful associates. If you are one of those, feel free to contact us.

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