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The Evaluation Department (EVD) of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) contracted the services of MAP Consulting for an ex-post evaluation on housing for returning refugees and internally displaced persons in Croatia. MAP Consulting made three important contributions to the process. First, during collection and reporting of secondary data, MAP Consulting demonstrated strong commitment to understanding the process and great willingness to dig into complex legal documents, statistical sources and reports available from other stakeholders. Second, efficient planning and organization of the evaluation required an important investment by MAP Consulting in partnership development, knowledge of the context as well as strong command of evaluation priorities and objectives. Third, the evaluation field work entailed interaction with beneficiaries, undertaking of focus group discussions and interviews, for all of which MAP Consulting demonstrated outstanding relational skills as well as creativity and perseverance in responding to the challenges encountered during the process.

Luigi Cuna, Evaluation Department (EVD) of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)

We are pleased to recommend MAP for their work in the evaluation sector. MAP has worked with Synergies Coopération, a French cooperation agency specialized in Human Rights, in the preparation, data collection and analysis of an important evaluation for a UN agency regarding the justice system in Croatia. MAP has shown high professionalism, full understanding and practice of evaluation methodology and good communication qualities. We will surely contact them in the future to support our evaluation work. 

Carole Berrih, Synergies Coopération

MAP Consulting was an indispensable research partner to the Institute for International Urban Development (I2UD) in the research Humanitarian responses by local actors: Lessons learned from the transit of migrants and refugees through Croatia. They were responsive to exploring a new field together and provided critical in-field logistic support as well as thought leadership on local government dynamics in Croatia. The team works tirelessly to ensure deliverables and reports that are well-researched, well-translated, and that meet international publication standards. Director Maja Horvat not only has excellent team management skills, but also contributes quality research and content to the projects she leads. I would recommend Maja and her team at MAP to any person or institution looking for a team dedicated to producing new knowledge, shaping policy, and improving lives.

Maren Larsen, Institute for International Urban Development (I2UD)

I cooperated with Maja Horvat of MAP Consulting during the formative evaluation of the UNICEF CO programs ‘Growing up together’ and ‘Growing up together PLUS’. I found her working energy and efficiency astounding. Maja is completely devoted to her work, approaches challenges directly, constructively, creatively and with perseverance. She has a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills, enabling her to approach her assignments from different perspectives. She spreads her enthusiasm effortlessly, making her an excellent team leader. She is inquisitive and shows interest in areas she is less familiar with, displaying a sharp learning curve. Maja and MAP take on their responsibilities seriously, conscientiously and skilfully, applying the highest quality standards. Working with Maja and MAP was a stimulating experience which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Prof. dr. sc. Gordana Keresteš, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb University