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Maja Horvat

Director and social development consultant
Maja Horvat

MSc in Public Policy 

(Queen Mary, University of London) 

MA in Political Science
(Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb)

Maja has more than 12 years of focused consulting experience in ex-post, mid-term and ex-ante evaluations of projects, programs, strategic documents and public policies. Apart from evaluations, Maja has considerable experience in designing and conducting applied social research facilitating strategic documents of different kinds, delivering trainings and project proposal development.

Maja acted as a team leader or evaluation expert on dozens of complex evaluations of different social development interventions, fully familiar with application of evaluation criteria, selection of appropriate data collection tools, including dealing with common evaluation challenges such as lacking data, managing complex field work and dealing with a multitude of stakeholders and their agendas. Maja is currently undertaking a mid-term evaluation of the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the Croatian Operational program Effective human resources 2014-2020: Evaluation of priority axis 4 "Good governance " and recently has finalized an evaluation of the same operational program from the angle of regional and local representation and horizontal principles across more than 400 projects.

Maja is an active member of the Croatian Evaluation Network (CE), a part of the Regional Network of Evaluators from Western Balkans.