About us


MAP Consulting Ltd. is the first Croatian consultancy company that specialized in independent evaluations of social development interventions, including program and project evaluations implemented or funded by international donors and development agencies (such as Care International, UN agencies - UNDP, UNIFEM, UNICEF, World Learning, embassies, foundations), as well as EU-funded projects and programs (CARDS, PHARE, IPA and ESI funds).

Apart from independent program and project evaluations, MAP designs and implements applied research and policy analyses both in Croatia and the region. Additionally, MAP is an experienced provider of capacity building activities and technical assistance to the public and civil sectors, including in strategic planning and organizational development.

Our values

  • Knowledge as the motor of social development
  • Evidence-based discussions, dialogue and mutual respect
  • Quality of governance in public, civil, academic and private sector 
  • Responsible citizens as agents of social change
  • Participation in the public decision-making 
  • Social justice, respect for human rights and solidarity 

Public Policies in Focus

  • Human resource development, education and employment
  • Social inclusion of marginalized groups
  • Good governance and participatory democracy
  • Regional and local development
  • Civil society development
  • Sustainable development

A glance at the past

Marina Škrabalo, Aida Bagić and Paul Stubbs founded MAP in 2003 and made the company name an acronym of their first names. At the time, they recognized project, program and policy evaluations as an area in which they could professionally contribute, since evaluations of social interventions in Croatia and the region in early 2000s were an exception rather than the rule.

The values of solidarity, respect for human rights, participation, knowledge and investment in individuals as agents of sustainable social and economic development meant that a new area of activity soon developed – corporate social responsibility (CSR). In cooperation with the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, MAP pioneered the promotion of CSR practices in Croatia, from researching business practices in some of the largest Croatian companies to developing the methodology for contextualized CSR assessments and knowledge transfer within the corporate sector. MAP regards the fact that the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development has for years been implementing the Croatian CSR Index independently as a successful transfer of knowledge and capacities, which enabled the team to focus on other areas of work.

Throughout the years, many valuable research projects informing the quality of policies in various sectors have been designed and implemented. Additionally, MAP provides various capacity building activities in the area of good governance to the civil and public sectors in Croatia and the region, including regular cooperation with institutions mandated to train civil servants. 

MAP values people the most. From the very beginning, MAP has been employing and cooperating with people for whom social development in various walks of life represents a passion, challenge and professional motivation. This includes providing opportunities to talented university students to gain experience in work related to social development. One of those students in 2008 was the current company owner and director, Maja Horvat, who in 2016 decided to continue developing the company after additional academic and professional specialization. Former employees are all still active in social development, working in academia and research institutions, the public and private sectors and the civil society in Croatia. As for MAP, the company bravely sails forward, rooted in the same values and approach.