Applied social research and public policy analyses are conducted at the request of clients who need to shed light on or increase the visibility of an occurrence or problem, or to design or improve the approach and problem-solving mechanisms in place.

Depending on the resources available, the methodology may include document analysis, comparative analysis of best international, regional or local practices, as well as field research involving in-depth interviews, focus groups or surveys with target groups and/or implementers. 

In its work, MAP values a participatory approach. In practice, this entails formulating the recommendations together with clients, taking into account the social and political contexts as well as institutional and resource-related particularities. In this way, we ensure their real-life applicability. 

    • Lattanzio KIBS S.p.A., Italy

      Participation in external evaluation of the Programme of cross-border cooperation INTERREG V-A Italy – Croatia 2014 – 2020 and development of the new Programme for financial perspective 2021- 2027

    • UNICEF Croatia

      Conducting Research and analysis on Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services and other Early Childhood Development (ECD) resources for children, birth through 7 years of age, who have or are at risk for developmental delays or disabilities and their families for the purpose of the development of an integrated Action Plan for ECI in Međimurje County

    • Croatian Youth Network, Zagreb

      Analysis of the EU Youth Goals implementation in the Republic of Croatia between 2018 – 2020: Mapping relevant financing instruments and programme-strategic documents contributing towards the EU Youth Goals

    • Central State Office for Demographics and Youth of the Republic of Croatia

      Analysis of the current state of youth work in Republic of Croatia and developing recommendations and guidelines for its development

    • Agency of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, Croatia

      Support in conducting the Occupational Standards Survey and drafting Analytical reports on the data collected through the Survey

    • Local Democracy Agency Sisak (ALD), Sisak, Croatia

      The study Status quo on reconciliation and no hate speech! Tools and resources available

    • UNICEF Croatia

      Study on governance and financing pre-primary education in Croatia (subcontract through Oxford Policy Management (OPM)

    • Agency of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, Croatia

      Research on mobility of apprentices in Croatia 

    • UNICEF Croatia

      Baseline Assessment for the Pilot Project of the National Framework for Screening and Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children Aged 0-7 in the Osijek-Baranja County

    • Institute for International Urban Development (I2UD), USA

      Research services on the project ‘Humanitarian responses by local actors: Lessons learned from managing the transit of migrants and refugees through Croatia’, including desk research, field work and co-authoring the final report 

    • GONG

      Assistance in methodology development and interpretation of findings for the research on good governance at national (DUH) and regional and local levels (LOTUS) 

    • Foundation Friedrich Ebert

      Case study on the openness of the Croatian Parliament for the international research project ‘Open Parliaments Bulletin 2012’

    • Center for Peace Studies

      Conducting consultative Delphi-based survey in two rounds on introducing peace education within the formal education system

    • British Council, Croatia

      Analysis of coordination capacities at institutional level in central administration within the project ‘National EU Coordination Structure’

    • Hulla & Co Human Dynamics KG

      Policy analysis on employment of PWDs published within the study ‘Fostering Effective Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities into the Labour Market’

    • CESI - Center for education, counselling and research

      Analysis of various sectorial public policies in the Republic of Croatia with regard to the treatment of men and the social construction of masculinity

    • Center for Peace Studies

      Within the project 'Youth and peace building’, policy analysis with recommendations for educational policy to increase youth participation in peace building

    • GONG

      Desk review of documents and research relevant for preparing a survey among Croatian high-school students on their political knowledge and attitudes

    • UNDP Croatia

      Study on the development of community-based social services and opportunities for prevention of institutionalization in Croatia in line with Joint Inclusion Memorandum (JIM)

    • The World Bank - Croatia Country Office

      Analysis of Parliamentary Oversight within the Study of public sector governance in Croatia for the project 'Public Sector Governance Reforms in Support of Competitiveness and Growth'

    • Puls Ltd. (today Ipsos Ltd.)

      Analysis of current situation and rights of children without or at risk of losing parental care in selected counties in Croatia, with recommendations for activities of SOS Kinderdorf Croatia 

    • Care International NW Balkans

      Study on the peace-building impact of CARE International’s interventions in the NWB: 1998-2008

    • Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

      Based on good practices, development of guidelines for conducting consultations with the public for the purposes of the study 'Strategic assessment of the energy importance and public interest of TPP Plomin C-500' and ‘Strategic assessment of energy importance and public interest of hydro-dam Kosinj annex’

    • GONG

      Development of methodology and interpretation of findings for the 'Study on Croatian election administration'

    • Association SMART, Rijeka

      Analysis of trends and actors in the non-formal education sector for non-profit management and civil society development

    • Volunteers' Centre Zagreb, Croatia

      Methodology development, data analysis and report of opportunities for developing volunteering programs within public institutions and public companies in the City of Zagreb

    • Association for Civic Education and Social Development – DIM

      Analysis of governance practices of Croatian CSOs with two case studies within the research ‘Good Governance Models in CSOs working on Democratization and Human Rights’

    • Puls Ltd. (today Ipsos Ltd.)

      Analysis of philanthropy trends in Croatia

    • Open Society Institute Croatia

      Preparation of two case studies for the Index of Social Openness 2005

    • National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Croatia

      Needs assessment of Zagreb-based CSOs related to Program of financial aid decentralization and regional development of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development