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Presenting the results of the evaluation of effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the implementation of the OPEHR 2014 – 2020 Priority axis 4: Good governance

Current projects / 15-03-2022

After the 15-month-long evaluation of the OP Efficient Human Resources Priority axis 4: Good governance, the researchers publicly presented the key findings and recommendations

In January 2021, MAP Consulting and WYG Consulting, with support from international experts, started the mid-term evaluation of effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of the implementation of the OP Efficient Human Resources 2014 – 2020 Priority axis 4: Good governance. The aim of this evaluation was to assess relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact within this priority axis which focused on improving the quality of the public administration and judicial system, and participation of civil society organizations in decision making processes, all to strengthen the democratic society.

During the 15-month-long in-depth evaluation, different methods of data gathering, and data analysis were used (including document analysis, interviews, focus groups, surveys and quantitative analysis of MIS data). The evaluation was successfully completed with the comprehensive Final report for the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy that will, among other things, be used in planning the future programme period. The report will be available on the official ESF website ( together with the reports of other evaluations of the OPEHR and ESF operations.

The researchers had an opportunity to present the evaluation’s key findings and recommendations during the public presentation held on 14th March 2022 in Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb in front of the representatives of bodies included in the Management and Control System, as well as other interested stakeholders. After the presentation, the audience had an opportunity to comment the presented findings and recommendations as well as to ask for additional clarifications